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Welcome to our Server

XP: 250 SP: 250 Drop: x1 Spoil: x1

Safe enchant: 100
Max Enchant weapon: 15 000
Max Enchant Armor/Jewels: 7 500
Blessed weapon/armor: 100%

Server is focused on Hard PVE Farm and has extremly high stats,

fully customized with all kind of items,low RBs respawn, which brings you unlimited fun.

Each Farm zones has own path, where you need to decide how you start your adventure.

Starting on our Server

Respawning in Giran with Lv 86

Everything you need you can find in ALT+B

Please Read this!!
Playable Characters - Duelist - Phoenix Knigh - Shillien Templar - Titan - Grand Khavatari - Fortunee Seeker - Doombringer - Soul Hound - Mages Other Characters has deleted Skills

All informations about server HERE

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