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Announcements | News / #New System
« Last post by expllo on February 28, 2019, 12:19:34 PM »
Announcements | News / #Changelog 6
« Last post by expllo on February 24, 2019, 02:18:52 PM »
Added 6x RBs into Enchanted Valley for recipes
Created Kamaloka for Vesper/Vesper Noble.
Announcements | News / #Changelog 5
« Last post by expllo on February 17, 2019, 01:15:50 PM »
Added New Armors and Weapons - Stage I/Stage II
Created Recipes and New Materials needed for new Armors/Weapons
Created New Farm zone for New Items - Enchanted Valley
Recipes can be obtained from Summon Monster
Added Exchange Gear Option (Need Exchange Gear Coin - too many items :D - dyna for now)
Added LVL Manager - Max Level 90 (Need Exp Coin)
Fixed Bug with Max Hp,CurrHp - some errors in console
Vote Manager now gives also Vote Coin - can be used in exchange shop or as a craft material
Created new monster event - can help you gear up (each zone has his own item for that, so also geared people can have smth and oposite)

I like to have some feedback for this new zone

Announcements | News / #New Event - Summon Surprise
« Last post by expllo on February 16, 2019, 01:02:08 PM »
New summon event for each farm zone
DVC/Beast Farm
You will have to farm item (Summon Surprise) when you obtain that you can summon a Monster which will stay for 2 minutes(is not that easy so be careful you can also be defeated) and will drop you pretty good items,so can help you gear up.
Event will be for 24h.
Announcements | News / #New Patch
« Last post by expllo on February 15, 2019, 07:22:50 PM »
L2 Elegance Server Presentation / Bug Vesper Buster
« Last post by Gimlie on February 10, 2019, 02:01:49 PM »
Gives R-Crit insteat M-Crit
Need 2x-3x more time to kill mobs than with Icarus Spirit
Announcements | News / #Changelog 4 - Mini Patch - for Items descriptions
« Last post by expllo on February 04, 2019, 10:58:54 AM »
Fixed Description in Vesper Noble Heavy - Vrch
Fixed Description in Refined Queen Ant
Correct name of Mithril Shirt Fighter to Mithril Shirt Mage
Added Correct info in Freya Cloak
Added Description and Stats into Goblin/Black Half/White Mask/Talisman Lv2/Dyna Jewels
Added Kelbim coin into mobs (can be used as Coin for skills Lv 95 + )
Update Drop from 4th sacks (possible drop sack also from 5th) - possible drop also Tattoo of Absolute and Tattoo of Flame
Added Starter Pack for New Players + Potions and Small Glass Box (for 3 days - 50% less stats as normal)

Extract it inside System.!VEB3BYZJ!aCRVudCtiIr7-rUbpc8LNowexLDAG0w7nL6psC59g8s
Announcements | News / #Changelog 3
« Last post by expllo on February 01, 2019, 06:47:33 PM »
Update 26.01.2019

Fixed Zealot enchant Time - same stats as +0
Increase Crit dmg Into Frenzy Skill (Titan)
Increase Mdef in Ketra
Recommended enchant vampiric claw - sap (added giants codex discipline in gm  shop )
Forbidden Dualboxes in Ketra + Underground - I wont even ask if you are here.(you could help youself until that stage, now farm solo.
Added Kamaloka for newbie/dynasty

Update 01.02.2019

Added Normal Scrolls in GM Shop = 300 Blessed for 1 Scrolls - +100 into Item (if you dont want to enchant with hands)
Max Enchant for normal Scrolls - Wep 7500 / Armor 3000
Blessed Max Enchant - Weapon 10 000 / Armor 5000
Shows real chances in drop
L2 Elegance Server Presentation / L2 Presentation
« Last post by expllo on January 27, 2019, 11:39:44 PM »
Lineage 2 Elegence Presentation -  Freya PVE Hard Server.

Please Read this!!
Playable Characters - Duelist - Phoenix Knigh - Shillien Templar - Titan - Grand Khavatari - Fortunee Seeker - Doombringer - Soul Hound - Mages Other Characters has deleted Skills

Exp: x250
Sp: x250
Drop: x1
Spoil: 1x
RB Drop: 1x

Completely info with Screenshots will be add Later.

Premium has 2x drop/spoil/rb
Premium has also Dress me - disabled for now.

Start Level: 86
Max Level: 99

Custom Farm Zones

Everything is in ALT+B - GM/Buffer you can find also in Giran

Custom Items

Custom Amors - Apella/Dynasty/Dynasty SA/Vesper/Vesper Noble
Custom Weapons - Dynasty/Icarus/Vesper
Custom Jewels - RB/Dynasty
Custom Tattoos/Shirt - Total 5 Stages of Tattoos and Shirts for now.
Custom Accessories - Masks/Belts/Talismans/Bracelets

Enchanting Skills gives you PVE Dmg/Pdef/Mdef
After creating Character you will spawn in Giran starting with Level 86

Take A/S Enchanted Items from GM shop

Buffs yourself

Use ALT + B for Tp to Farm zones

You can Also enable and disable many things in ALT+B

As a newbie you should farm in DVC or Beast Farm

Take a quest from NPC Vulcan located at spawn in Farm zones

And Get some reward

Main Goals for newbies is to Learn Master's buffs from NPC located in Giran Town

In order to buffs yourself with Master's Buffs you need 100 Small Glass Box which you can find in exchange shop or you can Vote and Get reward

For Master's buffs you need to farm at Plando / Dark Choir / Rotten Messenger

Farm for potions and and enchant your armor and wep ++ in order to farm harder mobs

You can enchant with blessed 100% 1 by 1 or these 4 Scrolls which costs 10 000 000 Enria and give you +100 into 1 item

You can easily check drop with Shift + Click on Mob

When you are enough powerful you can go farm Lavastone Golem for Glittering Medal or Dragon Bomber for sacks

After that your main goal is to farm for apella you need some boxes and 5x Grand Boss Scrolls which you will exchange for Karlun's Rib Bone

Then Farm for Dynasty Weapon - you need boxes and Box of cookies  (Need to farm Lavasaurus/Dragon Bomber/Lavastone Golem/Mutant Warrior/Ketra Orc Footman)

You are farming on these mobs Blueprint: Giants Golem 1-5 and then exchange it for Box of Cookies

Main Materials are Sacks/Glittering Medal/Box I/Box II/Mold Glue

Max Level 99 and each level you are getting as Warrior - Warrior Mastery, as Mage - Mage Mastery (Increase Pve dmg and Hp)

Full Community Board

Gm Shop

Exchange Shop view

Many Other Things you can find ingame.
Enjoy the server.

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